Posted on August 15, 2022

Murder Suspect Calls Cops Over Cold Fries, Then Arrested on Active Warrant

Rosana Hughes, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, August 13, 2022

A man called Kennesaw police last week to complain about cold french fries at McDonald’s. When officers arrived, they discovered he had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in a homicide case in which he is accused of setting a car on fire with a woman’s body inside.

Antoine Sims, 24, was not happy with his order from a McDonald’s on Cobb Parkway and confronted the manager, telling him to “fix my (expletive) food,” according to a Kennesaw police report.

In body camera video, Sims is seen explaining to an officer that he and his fiancée were waiting on their food and a receipt when the order was called, but they didn’t know their order number due to not having the receipt.

“So now our food is sitting there cold,” he told the officer. “So when I come up, I try the fries. The fries are lukewarm, but they’re not hot.”

Sims said he asked the manager to get some fresh fries instead of a refund, as a refund would take multiple days to appear in his bank account.

The situation escalated to the manager telling Sims to leave the restaurant and not return. Instead, Sims called police, and when they arrived, they spoke with the manager who said Sims shoved food at him and then threw a drink at him.

“I don’t ever want him back here,” the manager told the officer. “I mean, dude’s obviously on probation (out on bond) — got an ankle bracelet on.”

During that time, officers asked dispatch to run everyone’s information through state and national crime databases. That’s when Sims “slowly became agitated” after hearing what was being said over the radio and asked multiple times to get into his girlfriend’s car, the report states.


Sims had been incarcerated since 2019 before being granted a $275,000 bond in February, according to Fulton County court records. His active warrant was for not appearing in court after being released from jail.

Sims is charged in the October 2018 killing of Adelisa Muratovic, who was shot during an alleged drug deal. {snip}