Posted on August 5, 2022

Athletes, Parents Describe Chaos That Led to Evacuation of Jr. Olympics at NC A&T State University

Caroline Bowyer and Emily Mikkelsen, WGHP, August 2, 2022

Young athletes and their families were shaken up after a fight that people mistook for a shooting at North Carolina A&T State University on Tuesday.

It was a track and field competition that turned into chaos for the people who traveled to Greensboro from all over the country to compete in the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

People first thought there was an active shooter on campus. That was not the case, but it caused panic and sent thousands trying to run out of the stadium at the same time.

More than 30 frantic parents and children called 911 as police said a fight took place during the AAU Track and Field Junior Olympics at Truist Stadium. People made those calls while running to safety, forcing NC A&T State University campus police to call for backup.


While the fight went on under the bleachers, people said they heard a loud bang and took cover, assuming it was a gunshot. Some made a mad dash for the exit. Others hit the ground and hid.


In all the commotion, first responders said several people were trampled, including an eight-year-old runner from California.