Posted on July 16, 2022

Salt Lake Schools Superintendent Asked to Resign

Chris Jones, KUTV, July 12, 2022

Tim Gadson, the superintendent of schools in Salt Lake City, is reportedly being asked to resign, according to sources.


The board decided 6 to 1 to place Gadson on paid administrative leave, according to our sources. This in the wake of a barrage of complaints against the superintendent, who only just celebrated his one-year anniversary at the beginning of July.


Complaints included allegations that he would “hug” co-workers and was “loud” and intimidating to some fellow administrators. Some concerns were lodged against Gadson regarding his hiring practices.

Complaints suggested he was showing “favoritism,” by hiring administrators who were also Black.


Mohamed Baayd, the only Black member of the Salt Lake City School Board tells us he feels the complaints against Gadson are “baseless.”

Baayd said many of the complaints against the superintendent are racially motivated and that some of the complaints can be attributed to “cultural misunderstandings.”