Posted on July 18, 2022

New Archeological Evidence Contradicts Unmarked Graves Narrative

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, True North, July 14, 2022

New archaeological evidence from the former Kamloops Indian Residential School raises more questions about the narrative that 215 “probable burials” of Indigenous children were discovered at the site.

The evidence was unearthed by a professional architect with expertise in aerial photography and published by former anthropology professor Hymie Rubenstein in the REAL Indian Residential Schools Newsletter. The architect reported his findings under the pseudonym Kam Res to avoid retaliation. Res’ findings have not been peer-reviewed.

Other academics who have raised questions about the Kamloops graves have been cancelled and targeted by the media. {snip}

Aerial photography and historical documents show that the site where the graves were alleged to have been discovered has been subject to decades of archeological digs and other excavation activity which did not turn up any human remains.


“Archaeologists have been active on the site since the 1980s, conducting excavations and monitoring construction work. Deep trenches have been cut straight across the orchard and a sewage pond was excavated from the entire southwestern quadrant,” wrote Dr. Rubenstein.


“With more than 30 percent of the orchard already excavated and no graves discovered, is it likely that a staggering 200 burials are scattered throughout the remaining area?”

Last year, the Kamloops Indian Band issued a press release which prompted a global media frenzy surrounding the unconfirmed burial allegations.


The announcement led to a series of Christian churches being vandalized and burnt down, calls to cancel Canada Day and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lowering the flag to half-mast for over six months.