Posted on July 6, 2022

Man Goes ‘Ballistic,’ Assaults Downtown Restaurant Owner

Chancelor Winn, WXIX, July 1, 2022

Surveillance video at Shanghai On Elm in Downtown Cincinnati shows a man assault the owner with a chair.

Julia Terino now has multiple significant injuries: “I have muscle damage in my back, a concussion, and a hairline skull fracture,” she said Friday.

It happened on Tuesday at the restaurant on the corner of Elm and 7th streets. Terino says she and her bartender, Gregory Figg, were moving furniture when the man walked up to them.

The surveillance footage shows the man grab a metal chair and heave it toward the pair. It ricocheted off a window and hit Terino.

Figg says the man was “just some random guy” whom he though was coming to ask for a cigarette before the man “went ballistic.”

”It happened so quickly, but he just grabbed the chair, he threw it, and I reacted,” Figg recalled. “I just moved out of the way. Bounced into the window and hit Julia.”