Posted on July 11, 2022

Journalist Is Ridiculed for Saying Whites Who Get On With Their Relatives Clearly Aren’t ‘Challenging Their Racist Views’

Andrea Cavallier, Daily Mail, July 10, 2022

A woke journalist is being ridiculed online for saying whites who get on with their relatives must not be challenging what she says are their loved ones’ racist views.

Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor at Rewire News, received criticism for her tweet thread last week that accused ‘even good white families’ of being a ‘little racist when you scratch the surface.’

Her initial tweet called out white people, saying that if they are committed to racial justice, yet in good standing with most of their family members, she has questions about their commitment to racial justice.

Pieklo revealed she is only in contact with three family members for this reason – as she posed her first question: ‘How committed are you, really?’

Pieklo began her tweet thread with: ‘Honestly if you’re a white person who says they’re committed to racial justice and you’re in good standing with most your family I have *questions* for you and they are def pointed.’

She then explained how she is only in contact with three members of her entire family for this reason.

‘Full disclosure I’m in contact with exactly three members of my birth and extended family for this specific reason,’ she tweeted.

‘The first question is how committed are you, really,’ she asked, then followed up with another tweet.

‘Even the good white families are a *scosh* racist when you scratch the surface.’

Reaction to the journalists’ tweets was swift as people were quick to call her out for being a ‘privileged white activist’ trying to save the ‘non-white people.’

Pieklo knew her tweets would stir up the conversation and posted another tweet that read: ‘Anyway! My email should be fun tomorrow.’

‘White virtue signaling woman’s burden to save the non-White people of the world by race-shaming all Whites in between her Pilates & spin class,’ Twitter user @duanepoole responded. ‘The heroine & savior they’ve waited for so long-you’re welcome!’

Another tweet called Pieklo an example of ‘rich white “activists”‘ who ‘acts like it’s so easy to just stop loving family members if they have outdated views,’ @ChelleDoggob tweeted.

‘The thing about real love is that you can’t just turn it off, even if it hurts to know what kind of people those loved ones really are.’

‘Turning your family into a Jerry Springer episode to own the cons,’ @SirBadOpinions tweeted.

Another Twitter user called her a ‘miserable and broken person.’

‘Her family got the better end of the deal after she stopped talking to them. What a miserable and broken person…’ @AleksDjuricic wrote.