Posted on June 10, 2022

Mom Blasts Maryland Teachers’ Association for Claiming Standardized Tests Are ‘Dangerous’ and ‘White-Centered’

Hannah Grossman, Fox News, June 9, 2022

Maryland teachers’ association blamed “white-centered contexts” for causing some students to be left behind academically, according to its website.

The Maryland State Education Association listed under their “racial and social justice” page on how standardized tests are biased against students of color.

“MSEA has a long tradition of opposing dangerous standardized tests that for so many years left strong students behind because of the white-centered contexts, and strongly advocating for culturally relevant pedagogy and instructional practices, restorative approaches to maintain safe and healthy school communities, the use of trauma-informed best practices and a focus on social-emotional learning, and unencumbered access to equitable opportunities for all students,” the association stated on their website. “We believe that the lives of our Black and Brown students matter and that all students have a fundamental right to be educated in safe, healthy, and supportive learning communities and all educators deserve safe, healthy, and supportive working environments.”


A teacher in Maryland, Julie Giordano, told Fox News Digital that this represents a wider problem in Maryland education to focus on so-called “equity” at the expense of academics.