Posted on May 4, 2022

Owner of Winston-Salem Pizzeria Recalls Night He’s Punched, Stomped, Concussed at Work

DaVonte McKenith, WXII, May 2, 2022

A fast, late-night rush at Brothers Pizzeria in Winston-Salem came to a halt on Dec. 5 when the owner of the restaurant was punched and stomped repeatedly by a customer.

Michael Scottodifrega, 36, of Winston-Salem, says the aftermath of the attack has been the worst part of the entire ordeal and he plans to see a neurologist.


New video released to WXII 12 News shows moments before the attack from the back of the restaurant. Early in the video, you’re able to see Scottodifrega leave the kitchen area trying to break up a loud argument. Seconds later, the first fight takes place where a woman was shoved in the face. Scottodifrega says a co-worker was injured in the brawl.

Scottodifrega said everything happened so fast, but it all slowed down when he heard something slide across the floor.

“I happen to look down and it was a handgun sliding across the floor,” Scottodifrega said. “At that point, everybody was scurrying to get the gun.”

The crowd was able to get the gun out the restaurant. Scottodifrega said he thought, at this point, it had to be over. However, the same male, seen shoving a woman in the face in the earlier video, is seen in this video re-entering the restaurant.

The man walks up behind Scottodifrega and punches him in the head before stomping Scottodifrega’s head into the ground multiple times.


Winston-Salem police caught up with the man suspected of both attacks – against the woman and Scottodifrega. Charges were filed against 23-year-old Brandon Sessoms, of Winston-Salem, 11 days after the attack on Scottodifrega. {snip}

Brandon Sessoms

Brandon Sessoms

{snip} Scottodifrega says he was “very close” to pulling his own gun.

“Yes, my life was in danger, but at the same time, it’s a 23-year-old. I’m glad I didn’t draw,” Scottodifrega said. “If I get hurt, I’m OK with that, but I just don’t want anyone else involved in the thing.”


“At the end of the day, he’s going to go out and do it again,” Scottodifrega said. “He did that to me and he had no motive. Imagine if he had a motive what he could do to someone else.”