Posted on May 10, 2022

Majority-Black Town Reaches Agreement With Tennessee to Avoid State Takeover

Justin Gamble, CNN, May 6, 2022

The town of Mason, Tennessee, and the NAACP reached an agreement this week with the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office to settle a lawsuit filed after the state attempted to gain financial control of the majority-Black town.

Mason, which is just northeast of Memphis, was thrown into the national spotlight in March after officials claimed the state comptroller’s threat to take over was discriminatory. Last month, CNN reported that they accused the state comptroller of violating the Equal Protection Clause and going beyond his authority under state and federal law. The NAACP was representing the town and helped it file a lawsuit alleging that the state comptroller exceeded his authority and racially discriminated against the town in its financial dealings.


Under the agreement reached on Wednesday, Mason officials will have a certified public accounting or law firm assist the town’s leadership in completing existing and new audits, balancing the budget and provide training to officials to ensure funds are used properly prior to any new revenue from the Ford plant’s opening.