Posted on May 11, 2022

Flint, Michigan, City Council Gets Heated After ‘Ghetto’ Comment

Thomas Phippen, Fox News, May 8, 2022

A meeting of the Flint, Michigan, city council descended into chaos after a White council woman referred to the actions of the chairwoman, who is Black, as “ghetto” during a six-hour meeting.

The councilwoman who made the comment, Eva Worthing, later apologized for the comment as a “knee-jerk reaction” to what she saw as unfair treatment, but the arguments and racial statements show a history of heated rhetoric within the Flint city council’s recent history.

The dispute started over whether a council member could amend a resolution related to public hearings, which some council members contended was out of order with the agenda. Council member Eva Worthing contended that “a motion is always in order.”

Chairwoman Jerri Winfrey-Carter responded that she wasn’t sure why the amendment was being offered in the first place. “Why are we amending this motion?”

“Because we can,” Worthing commented.


In a recording of the council meeting, Worthing is heard making a comment that is difficult to hear through the microphone, but nearby Council member Tonya Burns responded: “Really? That’s a racist term. Don’t say ‘ghetto.'”

At the meeting, several council members took offense at the statement from Worthing.

“Point of information, madam chair. I think it is a personal attack to say ‘getting ghetto,” Burns said.

The meeting detoured after Winfrey-Carter issued a warning to Worthing, who then motioned to appeal the issuance — which was seconded by another Black council member.

{snip} She condemned “all of the ad libs from Councilwoman Worthing, it’s unnecessary. And to have said what she said was unnecessary… she was out of order, point blank,”

“First of all, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion,” Worthing responded. The motion should have been seconded, discussed and voted on. “You chose to threaten me in some way, so I thought that was inappropriate, Ms. Winfrey-Carter, so if you had not said there would have been no reaction. When you’re a chair, you should be professional and treat everyone the same.” {snip}

Councilman Eric Mays jumped in with a point of order. The term ghetto, Mays said, “to me, it’s got some racial overtones. You can laugh, Ms. Worthing, but I can come up with some sure names for your neighborhood.”

Worthing responded that Mays himself had called her a “nasty woman” and made references to her race as well. Mays continued and explained

“We take offense to you calling us ghetto. Now I’m going to assure you, I’m going to look up some words and call you something. I don’t want to call you trailer-nothing, but I will,” Mays said.


In a statement to Fox News, Worthing said though she has apologized, she has never been apologized to for “the trauma that not only I but the city staff have been through the last 4.5 year plus.”

“I have been through so much abuse on this council. I have never been apologized to,” Worthing said, adding that Carter “has not called me to apologize for saying ‘I’ll go all out on you.’” Worthing accused Burns of calling her a racist, a liar, and a “Councilwoman Karen which I feel is racist towards me,” she said.

“Why is this behavior allowed? It is about race. All three white women on this new council have had their race pointed out by Eric Mays. There was no story and there was no apology,” Worthing said.