Posted on May 17, 2022

Baltimore City Schools Security Measures Causing Long Lines, Students Late for Class

Keith Daniels, WBFF, May 9, 2022

Some recent violent incidents have Baltimore city school officials emphasizing security at area high schools and that includes screenings with metal detectors. The requirement is causing some challenges at some schools, including causing some students to be late for class.

It’s happening at high school campuses across the city, students have to stand in long lines before being allowed inside their school building.

“I probably waited in line for half an hour before I got into school,” said Harry Magillis, a junior at City College High School.


As a result of the new metal detector policy, there are huge lines in the morning causing some students, they say, to arrive at class at least 20 minutes late.


City schools implemented the measure on May 2 after a few recent incidents, including two students hurt and another arrested after a stabbing at Mervo High just over two weeks ago.

Also, another student was found with a loaded gun that day. That student was also taken into custody.

Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, President of the Baltimore City Schools Police union, said at least 10 guns have been found on students inside Baltimore city schools so far this school year.

“These are all functioning firearms. In some cases loaded. In some cases, they had extended clips,” Boatwright said.