Posted on April 29, 2022

One of Two Women Accused of ‘Terrorizing’ New Orleans Bar Arrested

Kaitlin Rust, WUE, April 28, 2022

Witnesses say they waited 30 minutes for NOPD to show up while two women assaulted staff and patrons of a Lower Garden District Bar Saturday night.

The women were identified by police on Wednesday as Johnquil Kelley and Alexis Linor. {snip}

Johnquil Kelley and Alexis Linor

Johnquil Kelley and Alexis Linor

Kelley was taken into custody {snip}

“Those women continued to terrorize this bar for 30 minutes. It wasn’t just my husband. It was four other patrons that were here. People that weren’t even involved,” Crista Rock said. {snip}

Rock’s husband was working behind the bar at Half Moon when she says two women, who did not have their IDs on them, were refused service and began trashing the bar.

“They just started knocking stuff down and knocking bar tables down, came behind the bar, started knocking liquor off the shelves,” Rock said. “My husband tried to stop them and kind of corralled them and she bit his chest. One of them bit his chest and then the other one, overtop of the other girl, punched my husband in the face five times, gave him a black eye and a bloody nose, split his lip.”

Rock says her husband did not want to hurt anyone and she of course called 911.

“I sat on hold for three minutes, which is not unusual in this city,” Rock said. “Like, I almost expected it, which is sad, right? Like, really sad. {snip}”

In the half-hour before police showed up, Rock says a patron was punched in the face and another caught a chair to the face leaving a gaping wound on her forehead. Also, the attackers mentioned having a gun outside.