Posted on April 28, 2022

Chicago Police Commander Approved Charges in Hammer Attack, Overriding Kim Foxx

Audrey Conklin, Fox News, April 27, 2022

Gregory Stamps, 31, has been charged in the Saturday murder of a 42-year-old man last weekend, no thanks to Chicago‘s top prosecutor, Kimberly Foxx.

Gregory Stamps

Gregory Stamps

Stamps is accused of fatally hitting David Castile’s head with a hammer “multiple times” at his residence {snip}

He was taken into custody on Sunday and charged on Tuesday morning with first-degree murder, according to court documents. But the charges were only approved after CPD Detective-Commander Charles Brown decided to override Foxx’s decision not to immediately approve murder charges {snip}

The state’s attorney’s office has 48 hours to file charges until a suspect is released, and when Foxx’s felony review unit had not filed charges by the 44th hour, Brown apparently overrode that decision and approved the murder charge on his own, according to the outlet. {snip}

The suspect had originally claimed that the victim tried to “rape” him {snip}

Foxx’s felony review unit “was going with possible self-defense, but they wanted the hammer processed to find [Stamps’] prints or DNA even though he admitted to killing the guy with hammer,” a source told the outlet. “They’re just looking for any reason to deny charges.”


“The medical examiner said there were 20 to 30 skull defects,” Murphy told Judge Kelly McCarthy on Tuesday, according to CWBChicago. “That’s 20 to 30 shots to the head that this defendant gave over and over and over again with that hammer. That is not self-defense. That is first-degree murder. And I would point out there are no injuries on this defendant. None … This is not self-defense.”