Posted on April 4, 2022

Attack Inside Lewiston High School Injures 15-Year-Old Girl

WGME, March 25, 2022

An attack inside Lewiston High School has left a 15-year-old girl injured and planning to leave the school district.

The incident happened inside Lewiston High School’s gym on Wednesday during a pep rally, when a freshman was attacked by a group of girls for what her mother says was no reason at all.

“They’re literally pounding her in the back of the head multiple times,” mother Julie Howe said. “I’ve been sick over it, you know my daughter is sick over it, you know freshman year is supposed to be great and it has been nothing but poor.”

The attack left Howe’s daughter with a concussion, bruises and pulled muscles.


She says the day before the attack, her daughter told school staff about a threat made to her by another girl.


She says her daughter is afraid to return, so she’s pulling her from the school.


The superintendent says the student who allegedly started the fight has a history of violence and had been working with support staff for weeks, including the morning of the attack.