Posted on March 25, 2022

YouTube Purged CPAC Livestreams for Discussing Big Tech’s 2020 Election Meddling

Jordan Boyd, The Federalist, March 24, 2022

YouTube maliciously nuked several hours’ worth of live streaming video from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) channel because the Big Tech company claimed the content violates its policies.

The Google-owned Big Tech company recently removed the Saturday, Feb. 26 recording of the 2022 conference because the social media oligarch claimed the topics discussed during the conference by speakers such as former President Donald Trump contained “misinformation.” CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp said the channel also received a “strike” under the same reasoning, which could inhibit the organization’s future abilities to post on the platform.

Schlapp quickly penned a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai demanding the Big Tech company reverse course and pledging to promote legislation to reign in Big Tech giants.


Shortly after Schlapp sent the letter to Pichai, YouTube removed all of the Sunday CPAC coverage from the organization’s channel as well, according to a CPAC representative.

At least one of the videos removed by YouTube highlighted a panel featuring Federalist CEO and Co-Founder Sean Davis, Senior Tech Columnist Rachel Bovard, and Republican Sen. James Lankford which focused on the dangers of politically motivated Big Tech censorship.

“In a matter of weeks, Big Tech platforms have banned speech identifying biological men as men, removed video of a sitting U.S. senator criticizing them, banned a news service for streaming a speech from former President Trump, and changed policy to allow calls for assassinations, as long as they’re against Russians,” Bovard told The Federalist. “These companies represent the biggest speech platforms in the world, and are actively seeking to change free speech culture in America along overt ideological lines. {snip}”