Posted on March 30, 2022

Senate Republicans Ramping Up Focus on Border Crossings

Caroline Vakil, The Hill, March 30, 2022

Senate Republicans are ramping up their focus on southern border crossings and President Biden’s handling of the situation ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Several memos have been circulated to every Senate Republican office by the Senate Republican Conference, which cites figures and posts about U.S. border encounters and puts the blame for these engagements on Biden and his administration for their handling of U.S. border security {snip}

The memos say “President Biden has undermined America’s border security” and the president “created the border crisis,” encouraging Republicans to use those talking points.

The topic of southern border crossings is slated to become a significant focus for Republican senators ahead of the midterms, Politico Playbook noted.

The news outlet also noted that a group of Republican senators, led by Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), will be meeting to discuss what they consider to be a lack of funding to tackle the issue and what they consider to be the president’s weakness of the topic.

A spokesperson for Cornyn confirmed to The Hill that the senator would be leading a Senate Republican press conference on the southern border and the possibility of the Biden administration ending Title 42.