Posted on March 25, 2022

Philadelphia Animal Abusers Set Their Pit Bulls on Cat Called Buddy and Laugh

Christina Coulter, Daily Mail, March 23, 2022

Two Philadelphia dog owners stood on and laughed as they dropped their pit bulls’ leashes and let them maul a family’s cornered cat, jeering and cheering the animals on until the cat’s owner came outside to stop the attack.

The Pennsylvania SPCA has distributed security camera footage that captured the attack in the city’s Frankford neighborhood on Tuesday, urging anyone who recognizes the dogs or their owners.

One of the men appears to notice the cat, then draw his dog’s attention to it before dropping its leash. The second man follows suit as the first man can be heard shouting ‘Get him’ and ‘Good boy,’ encouraging the animals while the men laughed.

The dogs lit upon the cat immediately, and still had the helpless animal in their grasp as its owner came outside.

The cat, named Buddy, suffered significant lacerations to his abdominal region and internal damage and is currently in critical condition, PSPCA’s director of Human Law Enforcement Nicole Wilson told NBC10.

He survived through the night into Wednesday, the agency said on their Twitter page this morning.

‘We are (very) cautiously optimistic,’ they wrote in the post, asking for donations for the suffering animal.

If found, the men could face up to seven years behind bars for felony animal fighting and animal cruelty charges, the agency said.

‘Putting an animal on another animal for amusement is considered animal fighting so that would be a felony under that,’ Wilson told NBC10.

‘There are additional statutes surrounding abusing an animal and causing serious bodily injury which is obvious that Buddy suffered severe bodily injury. That’s also a felony.’

Anyone who recognizes the men or has information about the attack is urged to leave an anonymous tip with the PSPCA’s cruelty hotline at 866-601-7722 or email [email protected]

‘We really want to address this because from the video you can see these individuals took an opportunity to harm another living creature that was doing nothing to harm them,’ Wilson said.

‘So our concern is not only for other animals but we all know the connection between violence against animals and violence against people. It’s strong and we just need to address this issue immediately to prevent any further suffering.’