Posted on March 22, 2022

CA County Will Pay $4.5M to Family of Mentally Ill Homeless Man Who Was Fatally Shot by Deputy

Chris Jewers, Daily Mail, March 10, 2022

A California county has agreed to pay $4.5 million to the family of a mentally ill homeless man killed by a sheriff’s deputy last year, who was last week sentenced to six years in prison over a different killing in 2018.

Andrew Hall shot Tyrell Wilson in Danville in the San Francisco Bay Area on March 11, 2021 when Wilson refused to drop a knife he was holding.

Wilson, however, did not approach the deputy before he was shot in the face, bodycam footage released by the Sheriff’s Department of the confrontation showed.

The shocking video showed Hall shooting Wilson from point-blank range in the middle of a busy intersection, causing Wilson to instantly crumple to the ground.

There was just two seconds between the deputy ordering Wilson to drop the knife and him pulling the trigger. The confrontation lasted 30 seconds.

Hall also shot and killed Laudemer Arboleda – another mentally ill man – three years earlier in 2018, during a slow-speed car chase in Danville.

Contra Costa County’s settlement comes after Hall was convicted of felony assault with a firearm over the 2018 shooting and sentenced to six years in prison last Friday.

The shooting of Wilson is still being investigated by the District Attorney’s office, after Hall was cleared by an internal sheriff’s office probe for a second time.

An attorney has said Wilson’s family will now press for criminal charges against Hall for the March 2021 shooting.


The 2021 shooting took place in the middle of a busy intersection.

Wilson was shot within 2 seconds of being ordered to drop the knife.

Bodycam video from both Hall’s camera and another video from further away shows the deputy calling out to Wilson and walking toward him as Wilson walked away.

‘Come here,’ Hall commands Wilson, who replies, ‘No.’

‘We’re not playing this game, dude… you’re jaywalking, you’re throwing rocks,’ Hall tells Wilson, who eventually turns to face the deputy, holding a knife, and says, ‘Don’t f***ing touch me. Touch me and see what’s up.’

As they stand in the intersection, Hall asks him three times to drop the knife as Wilson motions toward his face, saying, ‘Kill me.’

Hall shoots once, and Wilson collapses as drivers watch, recording videos on their cell phones.

The deputy radios in ‘shots fired’ and calls for police backup and medical assistance, as Wilson lies on the ground in a pool of blood.

‘Why did you do that?!’ Wilson is heard shouting at Hall.

The deputy and other officers who arrive on the scene begin administering first aid to Hall while urging him: ‘stay with us.’


Hall was convicted last year of assault with a firearm and a gun enhancements over the killing of 33-year-old Laudemer Arboleda.

Jurors were unable to reach a verdict on a more serious manslaughter charge, and despite the shooting occurring in 2018, he wasn’t charged until 2021.

This came after he was cleared in an internal probe carried out by the sheriff’s department, returned to work, and later killed Tyrell Wilson.