Posted on February 15, 2022

Teen Exposed for Using N-Word in Video After Becoming Miss Teen Washington USA

Laiken Neumann, Daily Dot, February 10, 2022

A viral TikTok video shows a resurfaced video of newly crowned Miss Washington Teen USA Kate Dixon saying the N-word, sparking controversy around her title.

The video, shared by user @juliuspleazerfanaccount, received over 7.7 million views. The TikTok also shows Dixon and a friend lip-syncing to a popular TikTok audio: “I’m Amber. I only love men when they have money and big cocks.”

Dixon told FOX 13 Seattle she was pressured by upperclassmen to say the N-word.

“They coerced me into saying a racial slur. I told them ‘no, I don’t want to say that,’” Dixon told FOX 13. “I know that it’s not appropriate. And they told me ‘you have a free pass just this one time, it would be funny.’ So I decided, after much persuasion, I said the word that they wanted me to say and without my knowledge I was recorded.”


The title-holder then apologized for using a racial slur.

“I think most of all that if they feel offended by this that I am very deeply sorry, that I have learned my lesson and I have not used that word to this day. I have not used that word,” Dixon told FOX 13.

However, many users were outraged and said Dixon’s title should be revoked.

“Take her crown back,” one TikToker urged.