Posted on February 28, 2022

NY Times Journalist Suggests Media Concern for Russian Invasion of Ukraine Demonstrates Racial ‘Biases’

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, February 27, 2022

New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones offered a surprising take Sunday on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and its media coverage.

The 1619 Project author commented on a local writer’s description of “incidents of insidious racism” in the media, claiming that concern is only for “Europeans with blond hair and blue eyes.”


“Every journalist covering Ukraine should really, really look internally. This is why I say we should stop pretending we have objectivity and in instead acknowledge our biases so that we can report against them. Many of us see the racialized analysis and language,” Hannah-Jones tweeted.

She also added that the “admissions of shock” for Ukraine suggest a racial bias due to a lack of attention for nonwhite nations.


She followed up with an additional tweet that it was “a geopolitical fiction to separate [Europe] from Asia” so that an invasion can be “a dog whistle to tell us we should care because they are like us.”