Posted on February 14, 2022

Louisiana Senate Candidate Gary Chambers Burns Confederate Flag in Latest Provocative Ad

Greg Hilburn, Lafayette Daily Advertiser, February 9, 2022

Louisiana U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr., whose opening campaign video of him smoking a marijuana joint went viral, released another provocative ad Wednesday in which he burns the Confederate flag.

Chambers, a Democratic community activist from Baton Rouge, released the “Scars and Bars” ad in conjunction with the Louisiana Legislature’s ongoing Special Session to redraw the state’s political lines.

The Republican-dominated Legislature has so far rejected Democrats’ attempts to expand the number of majority-Black districts in Congress.

Chambers led a rally on the Louisiana Capitol steps Wednesday morning advocating for an expansion of majority-Black districts.

“Gerrymandered districts are a byproduct of the Confederacy,” Chambers says as he lights a Confederate flag on fire. “It’s time to burn what remains of the Confederacy down.