Posted on January 10, 2022

‘Minority Privilege’ Now More Common Amid the Growing ‘War on Whiteness’

Rav Arora, New York Post, January 8, 2022

The left is furious about “white privilege.” And while it’s true white people have benefited from major advantages over time, it’s a concept that is rapidly fading — especially now, as the reverse is coming true. Minorities are increasingly becoming privileged while growing numbers of white people face discrimination.

Diversity initiatives have been around for years, but over the past year and a half, innumerable companies and corporations have ramped up their efforts with the goal of “diversifying” their workforce. Tech giant Facebook, for example, has committed to half of its employees coming from “underrepresented communities” (i.e., black, Native American, and Hispanic) by 2023. Best Buy is hiring one person of color for every three new hires over the next five years. United Airlines has promised that at least half of the pilots they will train in the next decade will be women and “people of color” (currently, only 13 percent of pilots are people of color).

In May, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot suddenly declared she will only give interviews to “journalists of color” — something that would be an impeachable offense if the situation was reversed (only giving interviews to “white journalists”).


Minorities are now even advantaged when seeking medical treatment. {snip}

Meanwhile, the rise of minority advantage has come with a parallel war on whiteness, especially in academia. {snip}


The upshot is that pro-minority bias is not only permitted but socially incentivized. Employers, professors and administrators are lauded for implementing radical diversity initiatives. As minorities are preferentially hired across the board and given a host of other benefits by way of their genetic lottery, we must fundamentally reframe our discourse surrounding race relations.