Posted on January 31, 2022

1619 Project Founder Says Joe Rogan Is Guilty of ‘Open Racism’

Ben Zeisloft, Daily Wire, January 31, 2022

New York Times journalist and 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones accused podcaster Joe Rogan of “open racism.”

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” came under fire from the Left after hosting prestigious scientists Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, who challenged the mainstream narrative on COVID-19. Progressive celebrities and commentators are attempting to censor Rogan by pressuring Spotify to sever its relationship with him.

Nikole Hannah-Jones — the journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize for centering American history upon the African slave trade — joined the throng on Sunday evening. In a since-deleted tweet, Hannah-Jones said that Rogan’s audience does not mind his “open racism.”

“Joe Rogan is what he is. We in the media might want to spend more time thinking about why so many people trust him instead of us,” New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg wrote on Twitter.

“With respect, I don’t get this,” she replied. “We need to understand why millions of Americans don’t mind the open racism? It’s not a mystery. Been reporting on it for years. So, what do we do with that?”

Indeed, Hannah-Jones is something of a one-trick pony when weighing in on current events — blaming conservatives and those willing to challenge the Left’s agenda as racists.

For instance, she claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal proves the validity of her work. “In this country, you can even kill white people and get away with it if those white people are fighting for Black lives,” Hannah-Jones tweeted after the verdict. “This is the legacy of 1619.”

“But Trayvon Martin deserved to die because he fought back against an aggressor with no weapon. This is the legacy of white supremacy in action,” she emphasized in another tweet.