Posted on December 28, 2021

With One Week to Go In 2021, Memphis Pushes Past 2020 Homicide Record

Micaela A Watts, Memphis Commercial Appeal, December 23, 2021

Memphis, in line with many major cities in the U.S., is in the throes of heightened violence — spurred by myriad factors with pandemic and non-pandemic origins.

On Thursday, Memphis police reported 333 homicides, meaning the city has officially passed the grim record set in 2020 of 332 homicides. Of those 333 homicides occurring this year — 292 are classified as murders.

The remainder of the deaths fall into categories such as justified homicides or instances of negligent manslaughter.

Within the record number includes a subset of at least 29 youth under 18-years-old killed both intentionally and through negligence.