Posted on December 4, 2021

No Arrests After Hundreds of Children Involved in Brawl at Tampa Trampoline Park

Aaron Mesmer, Fox 13, November 29, 2021

Parents who take their kids to a trampoline park in Tampa want to know how a fight turned into a massive brawl involving hundreds of children.


According to Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies, the melee involved about 200 kids — mostly teenagers.

In the video, Sky Zone security personnel can be seen trying to intervene.

The business closed early to move everyone involved outside. Bermudez kept recording as the fight continued in the parking lot.

Deputies can be seen responding later in the video. They said the brawl spilled over into nearby businesses and they tried to track down the parents of those involved.

The sheriff’s office said they briefly detained and released one child, but made no arrests.