Posted on December 29, 2021

Homeschool Lectures Created by Ex-Teacher Circulate Online, Promote ‘White Wellbeing’

Samantha Berlin, Newsweek, December 27, 2021

An ex-teacher from Arizona, known online as “Brant Danger,” recently launched a new homeschool curriculum designed to teach children about “white wellbeing,” and has circulated around the internet.

The School of the West is a homeschooling curriculum that offers paid and free lectures for various subjects including the basics: math, science, history, art and language arts. But one field of study unique to the program is “white wellbeing.”

While he is known under the pseudonym “Brant Danger,” many have identified the creator of the curriculum as Brant Williams, the Daily Beast reported. Until last spring, Williams was a teacher in Page, Arizona, before he left on his own accord.


According to the website, the paid membership plans give access to youth lectures, designed for children ages 4 to 10, as well as teen courses for those 11 years and older.

A summary of the contents of the youth lectures states that the curriculum will help children “understand the gift of being born a member of Westernkind and the qualities that separate us from the other races.” The youth curriculum also introduces the concept that “only the White race can build Western Civilization” and that they need to learn to celebrate “aspects of Westernkind.”

The teen curriculum is based around “understanding propaganda” and examining “anti-white propaganda” in the news media. The other teen-oriented lectures also promote the idea that “anti-whites” are inflicting harm on Western Civilization.


The curriculum also introduces the idea that “feminism destroys the family unit” and that white people are the only “true citizens” of the Western nations. {snip}