Posted on December 1, 2021

Black Diversity Boss Offers Levi’s Staff Individual ‘Racial Trauma’ Counselling After Rittenhouse Acquittal

Ross Ibbetson, Daily Mail, November 25, 2021

Jeans-maker Levi’s has offered woke counselling from a ‘racial trauma specialist’ to ‘encourage healing’ after Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder.

Levi’s chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, Elizabeth Morrison, sent a letter to staff that began: ‘With the news that Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted in the shooting of three individuals – two of whom lost their lives – during racial justice protests last year, this is a difficult day for many.’

Morrison offered 24-hour mental health care for those suffering the ‘pain and trauma of race, identity and belief-based tragedies.’

She added: ‘To help promote safety, sharing and to encourage healing, I’ll be hosting a fireside chat and Q&A with Dr. Jamila Codrington, a licensed psychologist and racial trauma specialist in early December.’

Rittenhouse, 18, was cleared of all charges, including first-degree intentional homicide, last Friday after he shot dead two white men and wounded a third during Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020.

The teenager said he acted in self-defense and was fearing for his life when he was chased down the street by an angry mob who were threatening to kill him.

The acquittal caused Joe Biden to say he was ‘angry and concerned’ and triggered a widespread liberal meltdown after Rittenhouse was painted as a white nationalist following the shootings.

In the letter to staff, Morrison added: ‘Dr. J and I will talk about the mental and psychical impacts of back-to-back social and racial justice events and trauma coping mechanisms during our discussion.’

The California based-executive encouraged employees to use the counselling because ‘resources to help [employees] impact social justice, equality and drive positive change’ such as ‘getting educated and informed on the issue of gun violence’ and ‘reaching out to your elected officials to let them know just how important common-sense gun laws are to you.’

Jamila Codrington is a New York-licensed psychologist who has appeared on various panels, claiming that ‘black people have been duped into thinking we do not matter.’

Codrington appeared on the Karen Hunter radio show in January for a discussion about how ‘we must decolonize our minds.’

‘One of the main weapons of colonialism and white supremacy was to destroy our memory and to separate us from our wealth – our cultural wealth,’ she said.

‘We have been erased out of history books and forced not to speak our native tongue. And so there’s so much we are able to reclaim and remember our traditional place in society – where we were prior to slavery …

‘We come from a legacy of people that our resilient, that were kings and queens, that were discoverers – we birthed civilization. And that is the first place of intervention because we have been duped into thinking that we don’t matter and all of this is coming from a legacy of enslavement and we have to defy this lie of inferiority.’

A Levi’s spokesman confirmed that the ’email was sent to all US employees and that the purpose of the fireside chat is accurately described in the email.’