Posted on November 8, 2021

‘The View’ Guest: White Parents Shouldn’t Have a Say in the Classroom Because White People Were ‘Participants’ in ‘Oppression’

Chrissy Clark, Daily Caller, November 5, 2021

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, a Reverend and professor at Vanderbilt University, told the co-hosts of “The View” that he believes white parents should not condemn Critical Race Theory-inspired lessons because white people “have been participants in a particular problem of oppression.”


{snip} Co-host Sonny Hostin called the pushback against CRT a “manufactured culture war” and is a “rollback of history in our classrooms.”


When asked about race-based teachings, including segregating kids by race or asking them to identify their privilege, Dyson argued that white people should not be telling people how to relieve racism in the classroom because they were once participants in oppression.

“You can’t just ask white brothers and sisters who have been participants in a particular problem of oppression how to relieve it,” Dyson said. “White comfort cannot be the predicate for making sure that race is a strategy that shouldn’t be used.”