Posted on November 1, 2021

Sacramento City Council Will Likely Start Future Meetings With Land Acknowledgement Pledge

James Taylor, CBS13, October 27, 2021

A big city is about to make a big change that could make its city council meetings even longer. But those pushing for the change say it’s a history lesson that’s long overdue.

Sacramento City Council meetings traditionally open with the pledge of allegiance. But now a new beginning is being considered.

“It would be a pledge to the land where we live, work, play, and love,” said Britta Guerrero a spokesperson with the Sacramento Native American Health Center.

It’s called a “land acknowledgment”, a statement that would be read into the record after the Pledge of Allegiance that recognizes each public meeting is being held in traditional Native American territory.

“It’s important to acknowledge that everything is built on the land and the foundation of that land is indigenous people,” said Guerrero.


So what is said during a land acknowledgment statement? Here’s an example from a recent committee meeting: “The history of the Sacramento area and the people is rich in heritage, culture, and tradition. This area was and still is the tribal land of the Nisenan people.”