Posted on November 15, 2021

Capitol Riot Suspects Say They’re ‘Force Fed Critical Race Theory’ and ‘Anti-White Messaging’ in Jail

Marlene Lenthang, NBC News, November 11, 2021

Two Capitol riot suspects have written a letter claiming they are “force fed” critical race theory and subjected to “anti-white messaging” behind bars.

Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, and Robert Morss of Pennsylvania, who have been charged with multiple offenses stemming from the Jan. 6 riot, wrote a letter decrying the conditions of the District of Columbia jail, where they are being held.

“We are force fed CRT (critical race theory) propaganda on tablets,” as well as “reeducation propaganda” and “anti-white racial messaging,” they wrote. {snip}

The letter was attached to Nichols’ motion for modification of bail submitted Nov. 1. He is asking the court to be released on personal recognizance or to be released to the custody of his wife and committed to the supervision of a High Intensity Supervision Program with GPS monitoring.

According to the motion, “the jail also prevents him from having reasonable access to reading materials while simultaneously streaming anti-white messages and critical race theory propaganda across his tablet. This is psychologically damaging.”

In a list of 77 grievances, he and Morss claim they are sent to a “Hole” if they express their political views, have to beg for medical aid and water, and aren’t allowed religious services.

“We are Political Prisoners on American soil who have been unjustly an[d] unfairly incarcerated,” the pair wrote.