Posted on October 5, 2021

American Booksellers Association to Hold ‘Racial Justice’ Workshop for White Women

Matthew Miller, Washington Examiner, September 29, 2021

The American Booksellers Association will hold a “racial justice” workshop for white women to help them navigate “sexism and misogyny and internalized white superiority.”

“As we strive toward racial justice , there’s an opportunity for people who identify as white women to examine how they have navigated sexism and misogyny and internalized white superiority,” reads a Zoom meeting description for the workshop titled “Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice: A Workshop.”

While the meeting is open to all participants , the description notes it will specifically target “white cisgender women, trans women, and non-binary folks who have internalized feminine gender norms.”

The meeting’s content will examine three patterns of behavior supposedly exhibited by white women — such as “control, perfectionism, and defensiveness” — to “help booksellers recognize and replace these harmful patterns with actions that build authentic cross-cultural relationships in the workplace and beyond.”


The program was designed after “anti-racist facilitator” Ilsa Govan and activist Tilman Smith were asked to examine their behaviors and assumptions as white women and to educate other white women on what they observed, the description explains.