Posted on September 9, 2021

Kentucky Dem Raps ‘Rick & Morty’ to Try and Raise the Minimum Wage

Mikael Thalen, Daily Dot, September 1, 2021

The Kentucky Senate Democrats have gone viral after uploading a video to TikTok on Tuesday of a politician singing Soulja Boy’s “Rick & Morty.”

The footage, which has been viewed over 720,000 times on TikTok, shows Sen. Reginald Thomas (D) singing the popular song outside of the Senate Chambers in an effort to raise the state’s minimum wage.

“Rapping Rick and Morty by Soulja Boy to the Senate Chambers until we raise the minimum wage in Kentucky,” text on the video states.

The footage plays on a popular meme that has exploded on the internet in which users sing the song at interesting locations or in front of inanimate objects.