Posted on August 12, 2021

Mattel Apologizes After Their Asian Olympics Barbie Is Accused of Not Being Asian Enough

Carlos Garcia, The Blaze, August 11, 2021

Toy company Mattel was bashed online for not including an Asian doll in its Tokyo Olympics Barbie line, and then had to apologize because their Asian Barbie wasn’t Asian enough.


The five dolls were meant to celebrate the new events added to the Olympics, including a skateboarder.

The campaign was criticized by some people on Twitter who complained that there wasn’t an Asian doll in the group, despite the Olympics being held in an Asian country.


Mattel’s apology appeared to claim that one of the dolls, the skateboarder, was meant to be Asian.

“Our intention to represent the Asian community with the Skateboarder doll fell short and we fully receive and recognize the feedback,” said a spokesperson for the company.


Despite their apology, criticism is still rolling in from Twitter.

“That skateboarder Barbie looked, at best, biracial Asian/white. Which is great for biracial people, I guess,” replied one disappointed doll tweeter.