Posted on July 20, 2021

Eric Adams Wants to Rename NYC Streets and Buildings That Honor Slave Owners

Julia Marsh and Nicholas Conca, New York Post, July 16, 2021

Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams wants to rename most city streets and buildings that honor slave owners.

“As many as possible,” Adams said Friday when asked if he’d commit to changing every offending street and building.

“We have to clean up our history,” the Brooklyn borough president continued after an event Friday honoring the pioneering Black journalist Ida B. Wells. Adams joined Wells’ family members to unveil a new portrait of the late crusader at Borough Hall.

“We can’t have children walk into school buildings that are named after slave owners. We need to look at some of the street names and then we need to diversify,” Adams said.

“We want to ensure that Borough Hall and City Hall, and all of these buildings are really diverse,” he added.

While the likely next mayor did not give any examples, major city sites are named after long-dead slave owners including Washington Square Park. {snip}