Posted on July 27, 2021

Brooklyn Mugger Batters 68-Year-Old Victim and Stomps on His Head

Melissa Koenig, Daily Mail, July 25, 2021

A Brooklyn man has been seen pummeling a 68-year-old victim and stomping on his skull, before going through his pocket as he lay unconscious on the street in a shocking daylight, as the New York City crime wave continues.

In a disturbing video released by the New York Police Department, shows a black man wearing a hoodie and a blue disposable face mask launching the vicious attack at 9am on Saturday morning in the East New York neighborhood.

When the at first resists the attack, the mugger starts punching the victim, raining down blows with a black bag in his hand.

After a few moments, the victim falls to the ground, at which point the suspect starts rapidly punching the man several more times in the head, ending his attack by stomping on the man’s skull.

When it is clear the man is unconscious and is no longer moving, the suspect uses the man’s belt loops to flip him over before rifling through his back pockets.

He takes the man’s mobile phone, and rips off a chain he is wearing before abandoning the bicycle and fleeing the scene on foot, according to the New York Daily News.

The victim was later rushed to a local hospital with a broken nose, a broken wrist and cuts all over his body.


The attack comes less than 12 hours after a violent mob of teenagers attacked a 44-year-old off-duty firefighter walking his Labradoodle, Dylan, 3, in Juniper Valley Park in the Middle Village neighborhood of Queens at around 9:55 p.m. on Friday.

‘They just picked me out and approached me,’ said the firefighter, who told the New York Post he wished to remain anonymous.

He said one of the teens took of his shirt and declared ‘I could fight you’ while everyone else took out their cell phones. Some of the footage has gone viral online.

‘They all came at me,’ he said. ‘A kid came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head with a bottle and I let go of the dog.’

The video footage, which appears to start in the middle of the attack, shows the man put up his fist while his pooch barks at the kids before someone grabs his leash.

The firefighter said that the kids ‘were going crazy’ and claimed they were ‘high as a kite’ before he got hit out of nowhere.

‘I got hit, turned around, that’s when the kids started coming at me,’ he told the New York Post. ‘Then I was on the floor, holding one kid.’

He was eventually saved from the beatdown when an ambulance pulled up.

‘They were waiting by the park,’ the firefighter said. ‘If they weren’t there I would have been in much worse condition.’

Cops told the Post that the man was hit in the head with a glass bottle, and that no arrests have been made. His dog was saved by a Good Samaritan and was not hurt during the attack.