Posted on June 8, 2021

Minneapolis Unrest After Winston Smith Death Continues Into Second Night

Dom Calicchio, Fox News, June 6, 2021

Minneapolis saw a second night of unrest Friday following Thursday’s fatal shooting of Winston Smith by law enforcement officers.

The evening’s protests came hours after authorities said Smith had fired a weapon before being killed.

Protesters blocked traffic in the city’s Uptown area, using motorcycles, bike racks and dumpsters, the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis reported.


Smith’s sister, Tiesnia Floyd, acknowledged her brother had a criminal record but claimed the confrontation with law enforcement seemed out of character for him.

“This doesn’t sound like him,” she told the newspaper, adding later, “I wish my brother was given a second chance. Even if it is in a cell, at least he would still be breathing.”

Court documents show Smith had 20 convictions, mostly for minor offenses,  but also for aggravated robbery in a case where his ex-girlfriend was beaten until her face was swollen and bloody.

Smith’s mother, Tijuana Wilson, said law enforcement officers were killing too many Black men.

“They know they was wrong when they did it,” she claimed about her son’s death, according to the newspaper.


Smith, 32, was shot by deputies from Ramsey and Hennepin counties on the top floor of a parking garage on Thursday afternoon as U.S. marshals were attempting to arrest him on a warrant for a felony firearms violation, FOX 9 reported.

Investigators with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension say evidence suggests Smith fired a weapon from inside a vehicle, with spent casings found on the driver’s side. {snip}