Posted on June 21, 2021

Federal Reserve Tells Employees to Avoid ‘Biased Terms’ Like ‘Founding Fathers’

Houston Keene and Alex Pfeiffer, Fox News, June 11, 2021

The Federal Reserve has instructed employees to adopt “bias-free language” and avoid using biased terms like “Founding Fathers,” according to an internal webpage obtained by Fox News.

The Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors issued the guidance for all employees nationwide on April 29 {snip}

“Bias-free language recognizes diversity and avoids stereotyping, demeaning, or excluding people on the basis of gender, race, ethnic group, religion, age, ability/disability, or sexual orientation,” the guidance states.

“Try to avoid words and phrases that may be considered offensive, pejorative, or prejudiced (whether consciously or unconsciously), as these can distract your audience from the ideas/information you’re trying to convey,” it continues.

The guidance contains a list of “biased terms” to avoid, including “blacklist,” “grandfathered,” and “Founding Fathers.” {snip}