Posted on June 29, 2021

Chicago Saw Its Bloodiest Weekend so Far This Year

Cheryl Teh, Insider, June 28, 2021

Chicago saw its bloodiest weekend in 2021 after at least 63 people were shot, three fatally, in a string of shootings across the city from June 25 to 27.

On Sunday alone, there were three separate mass shootings in the city.


According to a report by ABC7 Chicago, Friday night, in particular, was extremely violent and saw two people killed in a series of shooting incidents.


The violence this weekend broke the 2021 record for the highest number of shootings in Chicago set in May when at least 55 people were shot, 11 fatally, from May 21 to May 23.

On Father’s Day weekend last year, Chicago recorded a staggering 106 people shot, including 13 fatalities, making it the most deadly weekend in eight years, according to the Chicago Tribune.