Posted on May 26, 2021

Socialist British MP Falsely Claims BLM Leader Was Shot for ‘Standing up for Racial Justice’

Mia Cathell, The Post Millennial, May 25, 2021

Diane Abbott, who is Britain’s first Black female MP, claimed that Black Lives Matter leader Sasha Johnson was shot in the head because she “stood up for racial justice.” However, police and media outlets have reported that the prominent activist was shot in London by four black men when rival gangs clashed Sunday.

“Black activist #SashaJohnson in hospital in critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to the head,” tweeted Abbott. “Nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice #BlackLivesMatter.”Abbott, among others, pushed the narrative Monday that Johnson was targeted in an assassination attempt because of the leader’s “anti-racist” activism.

Johnson’s group Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), a political party that was registered with the Electoral Commission almost four years ago and fielded its first candidates in May’s local elections, have claimed that the attack followed “numerous death threats” in response to the party member’s advocacy.

“At this early stage work continues to establish a motive but there is nothing to suggest that Sasha was the subject of a targeted attack,” the Metropolitan Police Department reported via Tuesday’s press release. “At this time, police are also not aware of any reports of threats made against her prior to the incident.”

Authorities reported that there was an organised party taking place in the back garden of an address in Consort Road. Johnson was among around 30 guests at the garden party. Four black males wearing dark clothing gained entry into the garden via side entrance, police report. In the ensuing melee, a firearm was discharged, injuring Johnson. The suspects then fled the garden.


A friend of Johnson’s told BBC News that she believed the incident was “more related to rival gangs” and the 27-year-old victim was not the intended target.


Johnson has called for reparations to be given to black citizens in the form of tax breaks due to the legacy of slavery and has campaigned for the removal of statues linked to slavery. Outlining the TTIP’s manifesto in an interview December with MailOnline, she called for a national register of alleged racists that would ban the accused from living near ethnic minorities. The list would include individuals guilty of “micro-aggressions,” which the Oxford Dictionary defines as ‘indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalised group.”


“The white man will not be our equal but our slave,” Johnson once tweeted.