Posted on May 27, 2021

Auto Shop Vandalized with Racist Graffiti, So the Owner Installed Cameras

Carlos Garcia, The Blaze, May 25, 2021

A black-owned automobile shop had been targeted for weeks by vandals leaving racist graffiti but the owner set up surveillance cameras, and was surprised to find out the suspects were also black.

The incident unfolded at Dwayne Haynesworth’s Auto Body and Repair Shop in Spring Lake, North Carolina.


They spray-painted swastikas and KKK figures on his cars and left the message, “please leave.” {snip}

Haynesworth then set up surveillance cameras to capture images of the vandals.


The video showed two young males who appear to be black trying to steal one of Haynesworth’s cars. {snip}

One clue that might have tipped off the police to the incident being not a legitimate instance of white supremacy was that the swastika had one of the arms painted backwards.