Posted on May 10, 2021

Another Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Miami International Airport ‘Over Masks’

Melissa Koenig and Jack Newman, Daily Mail, May 5, 2021

Miami International Airport has been hit by a violent fight over a face mask just a week after seven passengers were filmed fighting over seats at the Florida airport.

The violence began when two women got into a verbal altercation on a plane, according to a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday. It was titled ‘Annoying loud mouths from Chicago start a fight with people on the airplane and end up in a fight in the airport.’

In the video, one of the women off-screen can be heard telling another passenger, ‘I’m not even in my regular seat, so I don’t give a f***.’

The passengers were soon kicked off the plane, and had to return to the terminal building at Miami International Airport.

There, a woman with long, blonde hair tells starts confronting another woman appearing to tell her she’s ‘going to f*** your ass off.’

A man she was with tries to pull her away, but soon after, another man in a yellow sweatshirt grabs a woman in black Adidas sweatpants by her neck and pulls her down to the ground.

He forces her to the floor of the terminal, and starts dragging her by her hair, as people gather around and watch the violence unfold.

After the first woman was pulled to the ground, the woman with long, blonde hair gets involved to try and fight the woman in black sweatpants, but ends up getting dragged herself.

Meanwhile, another man in a black and white t-shirt tries to separate the fighting passengers.

In the background of a of the incident posted to Reddit, someone could be heard, ‘You’re making a fool of yourself’ to the man in the yellow sweater, to which an unseen woman replies, ‘No he’s not he’s defending himself.’

Meanwhile, a fourth woman decides to get involved and grabs the woman with the long blonde hair by her hair to pull her away from the fight, while screaming, ‘Girl you need to sit down.’

She also alleges the woman she is holding is not sober.

The massive brawl reportedly started over a female plane passenger not wearing a mask, according to the Reddit post.


The fight came just over a week after another massive brawl in the American Airlines terminal of the Miami-Dade International Airport.


Witnesses said seven people in two different groups were involved in the ugly scrap at gate D14 in full view of others in the airport over the seats available on the plane.