Posted on April 3, 2021

Man, 29, Is Arrested for Shooting Dead Mother-of-Six in Road Rage Incident

Gina Martinez, Daily Mail, April 1, 2021

A man has been arrested after he allegedly shot dead a mother-of-six on a North Carolina Highway after her husband failed to see his car while merging lanes and accidentally cut him off.

Dejywan Floyd, 29, of North Carolina, was arrested on Thursday and charged with first-degree murder of Pennsylvania mother Julie Eberly, 47, in March.

Dejywan Floyd

Dejywan Floyd

Julie and her husband Ryan Eberly were driving down Interstate 95 in North Carolina on their way for a beach vacation.

Ryan and Julie Eberly

Ryan and Julie Eberly

Authorities say the couple’s couple’s GMC Yukon cut off Floyd’s Chevrolet Malibu while merging into another lane.

Police say Floyd immediately retaliated by firing multiple shots into the passenger side of the couple’s car.

According to Julie’s husband, there was no confrontation leading up to the fatal shooting.

‘I didn’t give him the finger or beep my horn at him or anything to heighten the situation at all,’ Eberly told Lancasteronline.

Eberly says that switched into the right lane to get around a slower driver when he became aware of Floyd’s Malibu driving on the shoulder.

He says the driver then rolled down his window and gestured to which he responded with an apologetic gesture and returned to the left lane.

According to Eberly, shortly after he noticed the Malibu tailing him before pulling up to the side, rolling down the window and firing into his car.

‘I looked over. The passenger window of my car was shattered. My wife called my name,’ Eberly told Lancaster Online.

Police said after the shooting Floyd sped away and took Exit 22 before crossing the bridge into Lumberton.

Julie died in a nearby hospital. Her husband was not injured in the shooting.

‘This was an innocent family from Pennsylvania headed to the beach for a vacation. Thankfully they had left their six children at home with grandparents but now these kids have to live with the thought of their mother being murdered … in such a cowardly and senseless way,’ Sheriff Wilkins said.

A GoFundMe set up by Julie’s mother-in-law to help start a memorial foundation in her name has raised over $65,000.

‘We want to raise funds to honor Julie and her life,’ the description reads. ‘Julie was a beautiful, loving, generous, and giving person. We will be using the funds to help others and to give to the organizations that were close to her heart.’