Posted on March 4, 2021

Southern Utahns Rally Against Proposed Dixie State Name Change

Alyssa Roberts, KUTV, March 1, 2021

Close to 200 people rallied in St. George against changing the name of Dixie State University.

The “Save Dixie” protest happened Monday morning as the state legislature considers a bill that would start the process of changing the university’s name.


Pioneer settlers of the Beehive State called southern Utah “Utah’s Dixie,” but “Dixie” has racist connotations in much of the U.S. because of its association with slavery and the Antebellum south.

Those opposed to a name change argue the term is culturally relevant to southern Utah.

“To have people come in at a later time, later date, and try to change all of that is a travesty, is what it is,” said Kris Barber, spokesperson for the Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition. “You can’t wipe out culture. Don’t wanna do that. Don’t wanna go there.”