Posted on March 10, 2021

Rep. Paul Gosar Tweets White Nationalist Group’s Motto

Christopher Mathias, HuffPost, March 8, 2021

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) posted on Twitter the motto of a white nationalist group on Sunday, a little over a week after delivering the keynote address at the group’s conference in Florida.

“#AmericaFirst,” Gosar tweeted above a meme showing a cartoon of what appears to be a sex worker leaning into a man’s car and saying, “$50 WHATEVER YOU WANT BABY.”

The man sitting in the car replies: “CAN YOU … TELL EVERYONE AMERICA FIRST IS INEVITABLE.”

America First is inevitable” is the motto of the “America First” white nationalist movement headed by the racist and anti-Semitic podcaster Nick Fuentes.


Fuentes {snip} invited Gosar to speak at the group’s second annual conference on Feb. 26 in Orlando, Florida.

Gosar delivered a nearly 20-minute speech to the assembled group of young white nationalists before Fuentes took the stage himself, declaring that “white people are done being bullied” and that America needs to protect its “white demographic core.”


Gosar, in response to the criticism heaped upon him following his speech to the “America First” conference, said “white racism” was “not appropriate.” But he also defended reaching out to the conference attendees. “There is a group of young people that are becoming part of the election process and becoming a bigger force,” he said. “So why not take that energy and listen to what they’ve got to say?”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) was one of the few Republicans in Congress who spoke out against Gosar, telling Politico: “I think the organization that [Gosar] spoke to is one that has expressed views that are clearly racist … This is not the kind of an organization or an event that other members of Congress should be participating in.”

HuffPost last week reached out to the offices of seven prominent Republican lawmakers to see if they’d denounce Gosar for speaking at Fuentes’ white nationalist conference in Florida. None responded.