Posted on March 20, 2021

MPD, FBI, ATF Joining Forces to Crack Down on ‘George Floyd Square’ Crime

WCCO, March 17, 2021

A partnership between Minneapolis Police, the FBI and the ATF is underway to stop criminal activity in the area of East 38th and Chicago Avenue in the Powderhorn neighborhood.

That area, known as George Floyd Square, has been barricaded off from traffic since he died there last May. This action is in direct response to the violence that is happening behind the barricades at the intersection. Homeowners and business owner have complained about the shootings in the area.

Some say they feel like they are being held hostage in their own neighborhood. A homeowner living near the intersection, who asked we conceal her identity, is thankful police are taking action.

“I want people to be safe to walk anywhere in this area,” she said. “And I think it’s a time now for peace and healing.”

Even police officers and EMS are challenged when responding to calls for help in the area; most of the time they are not allowed in. The hope is this targeted enforcement will bring about an end to the violence.


The increase in shots fired and shot spotter activations in the area around 38th and Chicago have been substantial.

“In 2019, there were 33 rounds detected. In 2020, last year, there were 185 activations with over 700 rounds detected,” Arradondo said.


While neighbors and business owners applaud the idea of opening up 38th and Chicago, they are concerned that the people who maintain the intersection will meet police with resistance.

“Some people will see this as disrespecting George Floyd,” the neighbor said.