Posted on February 4, 2021

We Might Make the Deadline to Get on This Election’s Ballot in 6 Counties!

Greater Idaho, February 2, 2021

We need one or two additional volunteers to collect signatures in Baker, Harney, Lake, and Sherman counties to meet the February 17 deadline.  We can’t tell yet whether our mass mailing to 4 counties is paying off yet because people only received the mailing on Saturday and we haven’t started getting petitions back yet. We sent to Baker, Grant, Lake, and Sherman. Now we seem to have enough signatures in Grant County and Malheur even without that.

You can now spread the word about moving the Oregon/Idaho border by buying our new shirt, hat, decal, and bumper sticker.

Union County Commissioners are having a Zoom meeting about the relocation of the Oregon/Idaho border on February 10 at 9am. You are invited to express your support during the meeting.

Jefferson County Commissioners are meeting about the border relocation on February 17, but we don’t have details yet.

We recently started posting here on a popular social media called Telegram.  We also post on Gab and MeWe, which are both working well again.

More About Petitions:

You don’t have to be an Oregonian to help us get county ballot initiatives on the ballot in Oregon! Visit the counties to collect signatures in person.

Although we’re allowed to collect signatures for 24 months, we need to get some counties on the ballot by February 17, 2021 to give our movement momentum. That deadline is for the May 18, 2021 election. The county is required to put it on the ballot if we submit enough valid signatures. We won’t know how many are invalid until we submit them.

It’s easy to collect signatures. Everything you need to know is in the petition pdf.  Stand in a place with a lot of foot traffic, such as at a post office, and ask people “Do you think the governor is doing a perfect job?”  If they say no, ask them if they would like to sign a petition to fix that.  Tell them why you like the idea (you can use the points on our homepage).  You can answer their questions using our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

To get any of the 12 petitions now circulating, one option is to download the petitions here and print two-sided (turn the page over).  Another option is to pick up a petition at one of the businesses listed here.