Posted on January 13, 2021

Parents’ Lawsuit Claims School Engages in ‘Intentional Racial Discrimination’ Against White Students

Susan Berry, Breitbart, January 8, 2021

Parents have filed a lawsuit against Villa Duchesne High School in Missouri, claiming the elite Catholic girls prep school has engaged in “overt and intentional racial discrimination against its Caucasian students,” including their daughter.

According to the petition filed in the Circuit Court of the County of Saint Louis, the parents accuse the school of “encouraging and facilitating race-based aggression” against their daughter and attempting to force her to adopt Critical Race Theory.


The parents allege their daughter has been subjected to “verbal attacks and physical threats, social ostracism, false imprisonment, permanent damage to her reputation, and severe and continuing emotional and psychiatric injury.”

According to the parents’ petition, “various fellow students made threats of personal and bodily injury against” their daughter, in order “to ‘teach her a lesson’ because she was ‘such a racist.’”

Additionally, the parents claim one African American student told their daughter she “needs to get smacked in the face” and that she and her friends would “jump her in the parking lot.”


The lawsuit goes on to say that during a meeting with the school’s principal, Jeannie Steenberge, and a faculty member, the two adults allowed the black students to berate and scream at their daughter, calling her “the biggest known racist in the school,” and accusing her of being “in love with Trump” because she owned Trump decals and other merchandise.


During another meeting, the parents’ petition says the principal told their daughter she was a racist, and that “we are all racists, we are white.”