Posted on January 18, 2021

‘No White Guilt’ Signs Spark Controversy in Pennsylvania Neighborhood

Matt Petrillo, KYW, January 13, 2021

Some Pennsylvania residents are appalled by signs that recently popped up in Harleysville.

The signs have only three words and appear to promote racial division.

“I saw a yard sign that said, ‘no white guilt,’” one resident said.

No White Guilt

No White Guilt found in Harleysville.


“I was horrified by it,” said one woman.

That prompted this woman, who didn’t want her face shown on camera, to take action and throw some of the signs away.

“It disturbs me that anyone would want to instill fear,” the woman said.


State Senator Maria Collett (D), who represents parts of Montgomery and Bucks counties, says hateful language and racial discord has got to stop.


Police say there’s nothing they can do about the signs.

They say the signs are on private property and their message is considered free speech.