Posted on January 22, 2021

Colorado State Dropped $107,000 to Identify Instances of Racism, Only to Find None

Benjamin Zeisloft, Campus Reform, January 15, 2021

Colorado State University spent $107,000 on a fruitless investigation into racism allegations within its athletics department.

According to the Denver Post, the university paid law firm Husch Blackwell $107,397.50 for more than 304.6 billable hours of services rendered, resulting in an hourly rate of $371.14. The invoice noted that the firm gave CSU a “discount” of percent.


“The investigators found that most student-athletes who participated in the investigation disputed allegations of pervasive racial inequities or harassment within their athletic team or the Athletic Department more broadly,” explained CSU President Joyce McConnell.


In spite of the scant evidence for a continued problem with racism, Husch Blackwell recommended that the university “continue or supplement diversity and inclusion training University-wide, with a special focus on the Athletics Department, to advance empathy-building, racial sensitivity and cultural understanding.”

McConnell agreed with the firm’s assessment, announcing that the university “will work quickly to implement the recommendations made in the report and prioritize these issues across the institution as we have committed to do.”