Posted on November 28, 2020

Spain Deploys Police to West Africa as Canary Islands Migrant Influx Increases by 1,000 Per Cent

Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, November 23, 2020

Spain will send law enforcement personnel into Senegal, Africa, to tackle people-smugglers after illegal migration from West Africa to the Canary Islands increased by 1,000 per cent on 2019.

Around 17,000 migrants have made landfall on the Spanish islands, a popular destination for holidaymakers and retirees from Britain, Germany, and other more northerly European countries, so far in 2020 — a stunning increase on the numbers for the previous year.

Well over 2,000 migrants surged into the archipelago over a single weekend earlier in Novemeber.

This illegal migration route into Europe first became popular in the 1990s, with numbers rising exponentially in the mid-2000s — but deals with Senegal and Mauritania to deploy Spanish border control personnel and technology directly to the African countries, along with various inducements, were previously regarded as a model of crisis containment, with arrivals falling from 12,478 in 2007, to 196 in 2010.

That has all changed under the current Socialist government, however, with the Canaries rapidly becoming one of the main points of entry for illegal migrants to Europe.


Local politician Ana Oramas offered an even grimmer prognosis, describing the islands as “a powder keg” and “a volcano waiting to explode”.